Can vegans eat olives?

Oh roasted fennel and orange salad where have you been all my life?

Once in awhile a herbivorous meal just hits the spot. I mean Vegan is not exactly my thing… but wow, if it were all this good…I just might consider it. Wait. Can vegans eat olives? And I would have to live in a warmer climate because all that non-local, off-season produce would concern me, oh and that whole vegan wine thing would be tough… and you can cheat? right? I mean everyone craves a good gut-busting burger occasionally……oh well.

As usual I would type in the recipe for you but why? Someone has already done it for me. Here. It is basically word-for-word, exact to what is in my cookbook. Here were my substitutions:

  • “2  ginormous” fennel bulbs, sliced. Because lately all the produce I find is freakishly huge.
  • No lemon juice. I forgot to buy lemons! Can you believe that? I buy and use at least 2 lemons a week. (sigh) I splashed on a tiny bit of red wine vinegar for a little extra acid, but later I ate some without and it was still life changing.

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