when to buy expensive cookware…

I have purchased a very expensive crepe pan. I had buyers remorse while I was buying it. It isn’t like I make crepes all the time! Of course my every previous attempt at making crepes had failed miserably and I didn’t really want a repeat of that.

These are actually Galettes Bretonnes au Sarrasin (Breton buckwheat galettes).  I just could not find any buckwheat flour. Yet I had just purchased a very expensive crepe pan! There is no way that I was giving up. I found it at the 4th store.

And guess what. My over-priced-Danish-non-stick-crepe-pan and a small offset spatula for spreading the batter did something amazing…it allowed me to successfully make crepes! Not perfect ones by any means but at least they are recognizably crepes and not pancakes or chunks of mostly cooked dough. I wrapped the stack in plastic wrap and put them in the fridge.

Every evening last week, I would pull a couple out, throw one back on the crepe pan, top it with shredded Gruyere, sliced ham, some leftover broccoli, an egg… various things I found in my fridge and heated it up.  It is nice to re-live that feeling of success every night after a long often frustrating day at the work AND get a fast, easy, delicious dinner.

Galettes Bretonnes au Sarrasin (per Ann Willan)

1 3/4 cup buckwheat flour
1 3/4 cup unbleached white flour
2 tsp salt

1. Sift into a bowl

2 cups milk

2. Make a well in the dry ingredients add 1 cup of the milk. Whisk to a paste. Add 2nd cup of milk stir well. Cover and let rest at room temp for 30-40 minutes

2 cups water

3. Now beat in the water. Beat in more milk if necessary to get a “consistency of light cream” (I’m not sure I know what that is… thin enough to make a crepe I guess)

1/4 cup of clarified butter

4. Stir into batter

5. Heat the crepe pan until it is really hot, add some batter spread with palette knife. Cook 30-60 seconds until lightly browned and flip remove and stack on a plate. (The recipe called for another 1/4 cup of clarified butter for greasing the pan between each crepe but with my nonstick pan that was not necessary.)

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