3 different meals 1 chicken

Life gets busy and cooking gets sidelined and more eating out and take-out happens and blogging… there just isn’t any time for that at all.

But a couple of weeks ago I did try Judith Jones cookbook suggestion for making multiple meals out of 1 chicken. Here is why I like buying a whole chicken:

  • So many people just eat chicken breasts… so are other people eating all those wings, thighs and legs? It doesn’t seem possible does it? Maybe they all go into chicken nuggets. (ugh)
  • I can see that my chicken was a nice little free-range bird not a super-breasted freak sitting in front of a trough all day gorging itself on processed cannibalistic feed … gross…
  • Once I butterfly that chicken it will cook in just 30 minutes under the broiler and I get to keep the backbone and wingtips in my freezer for making chicken stock later.

Round #1 broiled chicken: There are plenty of butterflied broiled chicken recipes out there for you so you can pick any one you like.  I of course used Judith’s recipe for the gremolata. Here it is:  1 garlic clove mashed to a paste with 1/2 tsp of salt, mince together 1 scallion, 1 shallot, 2 strips of lemon peel, a small handful of parsley and 2-3 tablespoons of tarragon, add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and a generous amount of fresh ground black pepper.

Round #2 chicken divan: I needed to make cream sauce (bechamel) for this and I was completely out of white flour of any kind. I used whole wheat flour and it was actually fine because I’m not making high art here just delicious food.  Judith’s recipe called for broccolini, and many recipes call for broccoli…I had asparagus so that is what I used. One sliced leftover chicken breast baked with Parmesan cheese, a little sherry, some cream sauce and blanched asparagus equals yum-mo.

Round #3 chicken mince: I was a little concerned about the chicken mince round, as creamy chopped meat on toast doesn’t sound all that appealing. It pleasantly surprised me because it was really very delicious. I finely chopped and cooked some mushrooms with a scallion in a little butter and then splashed in a little Marsala (it called for Madeira but I had Marsala) and then added the other chopped leftover chicken breast and 1/4 cup of leftover cream sauce to warm through. Eat on toast.

After all that you would think that I would be all chickened out for this month….strangely not.

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