Why do I want Mexican food when it gets hot outside?

Why do I want Mexican food when it gets hot outside? I always find myself drawn to Mexican flavors or sushi when the mercury pushes 90.  Hmm….Why do we crave the foods we crave? Is it weather, hormones, nutritional needs? Do I crave red meat when my body needs iron, greens when it needs vitamin A, dairy when it needs calcium? This morning it was orange juice. I never drink orange juice. I must have needed some vitamin C.

I was madly in love with zucchini this week and I bought massive amounts. (more vitamin C?) And it has been hot out, so I keep going back to my Rick Bayless cookbook.  Rick calls this messy concoction Tinga de Calabacitas. Of course calabacitas are apparently not really the same thing as zucchini but that is what I was able to find…

My-Short-version-recipe: toast 2 unpeeled garlic cloves on griddle, peel and add to blender with a can of fire-roasted tomatoes a couple chipotles in adobe and a healthy pinch of salt, in a skillet heat some oil and sear some zucchini chunks until nice and browned on all sides, set aside, add more oil to the now empty skillet and cook some onion slices, and chorizo sausage meat, cook until onions are soft and golden and chorizo is basically cooked through, drain fat, return to heat and add the chipotle-tomato sauce and some dried oregano, after is has heated through and thickened add the zucchini back. Serve with queso.: okay-not-as-short-as-I-thought

My substitutions 1) For chorizo – leftover grilled Hungarian bratwurst cut into pieces 2) For queso – Bulgarian sheep’s milk cheese (a mild feta in brine)

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