Brunch for one.

1. I get up late (I said brunch not breakfast) and make myself some coffee, french press of course.

2.  I see what I have in the fridge…probably not much because it is Saturday morning and I tend to do my grocery shopping for the week on Saturday afternoon. Maybe I find a zucchini and some mushrooms.

3. I go in search of a cookbook …it is was probably under the couch. I have to clear out 3 pairs of shoes and a couple empty wine glasses to get to it.  This is a good opportunity for clearing away the ring of items that slowly grows in a semi-circle around my couch over the course of the week.

4. So I pick a recipe out, maybe out of Judith Jones, and decide on my substitutions while sipping my coffee…finally I will get started

5. I grate the zucchini, salt it and leave in a strainer over a bowl and then go grab my second cup of coffee which I sip while I sort through the clothes that I piled on that chair all week: laundry hamper, hang back up, or maybe the dry cleaner pile.

6. When that is done I go back in the kitchen and chop up some mushrooms and scallions and set aside, because by now it is time to make another pot of coffee.

7. Then I grab the zucchini, literally, and squeeze as much liquid as out as I can. It is kind of fun.

8. I melt some butter in a skillet (skillet is a fun word) and cook the mushrooms and the scallions a bit. Then add the zucchini and cook that a bit. Add a couple tablespoons of cream

9. When it is almost cooked I put it in a little casserole/gratin dish. I then will realize that I forgot to preheat the oven.

10. I drink more coffee and read a bit more of my bon appetit mag or The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire while I wait for it to preheat.

11. Then I go back, make an indent in the zucchini mixture, and break in a couple eggs. I drizzle with a little more cream, season with salt and pepper, grate some parm over it and put it in the oven

12. 15 minutes later, I eat my brunch.  it will probably be about noon by now.

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