beans, squash and corn

Autumn markets have squash and I was looking for something new to make with it. This was also my first recipe from Molly O’Neill’s book (attributed to Susan Welsand from Bloomington, IN) There are a lot of substitutions in here and there were a lot of different steps:

  1. cooking beans via the baking soda method (I had Roman and Navy)
  2. roasting a butternut squash
  3. roasting the poblano chiles under the broiler and peeling. I was not able to find any New Mexico Hatch Chiles. So I used 3 poblano and added some crushed red pepper flakes and of course the jalapeno cheese to make up for the missing 3 chiles
  4. cooking the wheatberries
  5. chopping onions, dried tomatoes, fresh herbs, and garlic. I was not able to find the garlic-herb cheese she suggested so I bought jalapeno cheddar
  6. grating the cheese
  7. the corn was frozen so I didn’t have to do anything with that
  8. mixing it all together baking it in my new overpriced but pretty yellow french casserole dish
  9. baking for 45 minutes

I love squash and this is tasty with just enough zing but it did take me like 2 hours to make.

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