last chance to eat al fresco

cauliflower soup with arm and truffle oil

In an attempt to grasp the final slanting rays of evening sunlight, I imagined rushing home, warming up a bowl of this soup, and curling up on the porch under a cozy afghan to eat it quickly before it got too dark. Of course by the time I got home from work it was always dark already.

Cauliflower soup with pecorino romano and truffle oil…and bacon, yes, it has bacon so not vegetarian cauliflower soup but delicious cauliflower soup! I did not have a cube of pecorino romano but I did have a frozen Parmigiano rind so I used that. And of course homemade stock, really if you are going to make soup it is worth it to simmer some chicken parts every few months and have a supply of stock in your freezer. Salty bacon, the earthy Parm and truffle oil… perfect autumn soup.

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