beta carotene cravings

So while I was in Vegas I ate pretty decent food. The problem is that there weren’t a lot of actual vegetables.  I said something to one of my fellow conference attendees and they said, “but today we had a salad for lunch.” Huh?! It was romaine lettuce with steak, cheese and croutons… I guess that technically romaine lettuce is a vegetable but I don’t really count it.

So on my first trip to the grocery store when I got back; I went on a carrot binge. I bought a huge bag of whole carrots and a liter of carrot juice…also a butternut squash, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, a bunch of spinach and broccoli rabe.

The next day I started with breakfast. I know…you can’t see the carrot juice but it is in there. Also the zest and juice of an orange and some wheat germ.  I ate them with Amish table syrup (corn syrup basically) and Greek yogurt.  They were also really good warmed up in the oven and spread with homemade apple butter the next day.


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