shrimp in hell or brother devil shrimp

scampi fra diavolo  - I should stop Google translating but it is fun. I know that scampi fra diavolo in Italian cooking means  “brother devil” scampi which is supposed to mean that it is spicy. I will say that in this case I think “shrimp in hell” better conveys the message.  This recipe isn’t really spicy but it is very flavorful and garlic-tastic and really easy.

I think the extensive ingestion of garlic and crushed red pepper can lead to odd dreams. This meal triggered a reoccurring dream of mine where I am apparently pregnant and I keep forgetting, and someone has to remind me or point it out, usually because I am drinking. It is especially weird because I’m a lucid dreamer so I’m dreaming that I am pregnant but I know this is a dream and that I am not, and that I am dreaming about forgetting something that I didn’t know because it isn’t actually true, but in the dream it is, and I still feel guilty all the while knowing that I have nothing to feel guilty about. (sigh-shrug combo)  It is all a little traumatizing. Maybe I just shouldn’t eat scampi fra diavolo so close to bedtime.

According to a Huffington Post article, pregnancy dreams, especially for women, are about craving a creative project. How creative does it have to be to get rid of this dream? Does blogging and/or cooking count or does it have to be painting, creative writing, or crafts made of beads and macaroni?

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