Thai-Vietnamese? salad


I’m not exactly sure why this salad is Thai-Vietnamese….the peanut sauce and basil seems a little Thai inspired but I’m not sure about the Vietnamese part…doesn’t it have to have fish sauce to be be Vietnamese?

Here is the assembly list if anyone has some insight for me, although there are a few Chicago winter substitutions/omissions.

lettuce (green leaf and romaine)
snow pea shoots
shredded carrots
green onions
red onion
fresh mint
fresh basil
toasted sesame seeds
toasted almonds

soy sauce
canola oil
salt and pepper

tuna steak (Yes, it is cooked through. Sacrilege! This was day two leftovers and I reheated it)
canola oil
lime juice

white vinegar
white grape juice
peanut butter
grated fresh ginger
cayenne pepper
canola oil

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