basil plants and pigeons


Eat your veggies…with cream sauce and lots of cheese. recipe

I purchased a live basil plant for this recipe. It seemed like a good idea at the time.  I thought it would be in a pot out on my back porch by now giving me an endless supply of basil for the summer. It is not. It is clinging to life, still in the plastic container on my kitchen window sill.

I have two problems. One is that it is barely getting above freezing in Chicago-land. My radiators are still running most mornings.  It is not exactly excellent weather for a thriving basil plant. Second is that in the very spot where I put my herb pots on my porch… because it gets the best light. It is also the spot where pigeons have decided they love to sit….and shit.  I prefer to have pigeon-shit-free fresh herbs.

How much is a plastic owl?

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