another 2 veggie dinner

Farmer’s market season leads to a fridge full of veggies. As I have mentioned before I love the two veggie meal. I love the two veggie meal.

Turnips and pork chops were good. Brining is a wonderful thing for pork chops but the sauces were a little sweet for my taste. Turnips are another vegetable that I feel is rather under appreciated, especially these little white ones.

The Asparagus – My first recipe from Thomas Keller. First I had to make the “parsley water” to cook the asparagus coins in….mine weren’t really coins. I just cut them up because I couldn’t do the “coins” with the mandolin they way he suggests. Parsley water sounds easy until you find yourself straining boiled parsley puree through a fine mesh strainer. Straining, one of of the few cooking activities that I dislike. And the asparagus was tasty… just not tasty enough for me to be making more parsley water.  I didn’t have any chives that day so I didn’t make the chive oil. I think I added a few dried chives to the pan.


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