flameless saganaki

musselsaganakiI’m pretty sure that Mussels Saganaki is a comic-strip villain. If not then he should be. I imagine a Dick Tracy style organized crime minion, of course this is a Greek recipe but I feel like the character would ironically be of both Greek and Japanese descent. (Is that the correct use of the word ironic? Maybe not, but you get what I mean. I digress.)

I believe that the Greek word saganaki is actually for the two handled frying pan, not specifically the flaming cheese served in many a pseudo-columned restaurant. I only had a two handled ceramic dish so that is what I used. The Greek word for cheese is something else; τυρί apparently. This recipe name would be μύδια σαγανάκι in Greek. I do love Google translate. Stopping. I’m stopping now. More rambling.

It was delicious and you get to eat it right off the mussel shell like a spoon, and although Rob tried one, he wasn’t hungry, nor was he a big fan, so I basically got to eat them all, myself. I blame the congestion in my head for my lack of focus.

((This recipe link might work but as always google it and find the best recipe for you))

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