we fried a chicken

Shall we discuss my fear of frying…and especially frying largish pieces of meat. I am terrified of a giant pot of super hot peanut oil. I panic about what to do with all that oil after I’m done. But Rob wanted fried chicken and I try to make him happy occasionally because he cheerfully eats a lot of food he is not very excited about and sometimes barely recognizes.

He also helped with the frying. He really fried the first batch and I did the second. We had the problem that I often have which is that the breading burns a little before the food is cooked through. I did like the addition of onions for flavor and it did go fairly well and tasted pretty good. I don’t think anyone is going to accuse me of making good fried chicken.

Basically I kind of hope I find myself near the Chalfonte Hotel Cape May, NJ someday so I can experience the real deal.

I put most of oil back in the oil bottles and put it in the fridge for another day…I guess I will need to fry something. Something that can be onion-y and chicken-y.

Tonight I’m back to my comfortable cooking… roasted vegetables on boiled pasta.


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