my version of cookies and ice cream

The way I like it. I like fruit and herbs in my ice cream and spices in my cookies and NO CANDY!! I’m sorry but what good is great ingredients when all you taste is candy.  I eat ice cream when I want ice cream. I eat cookies when you want cookies. I eat candy when I want candy. Okay full-disclosure: I almost never want candy. Why overrun all those lovely butter and cream flavors with the brash and overpowering flavor of candy while adding all those extra calories? You should enjoying them not just using them to deliver more candy into your mouth. Rant over.

Rob liked the cookies although he tends to be more like normal people and he would prefer some candy. He was not a big fan of the sherbet. He made a face.


What are cacao nibs?


I found that most people just looked at me funny when I said cacao nibs, some did ask. Cacao nibs are essentially the edible raw material that chocolate is made of; so dark chocolate flavor without the fat and sugar added. Of course, then I embedded them in butter and sugar.

I roasted my cacao nibs myself because I only found raw ones. And the recipe in Alice Medrich’s book calls for whole wheat flour but I have lots of spelt flour.  I have been eating them for breakfast.

In conclusion…and I say it every time; Cookies are boring, i.e. easy. I will say that they take a lovely photograph.

hipsterlicious cookies

I really like making biscotti for some reason. They are hip cookies. Chocolate chip, snicker-doodles, oatmeal? Ha! They are kid stuff.

Really… look, these contain almonds which some people are allergic to and aniseed which boring people don’t like (Sorry… I mean just boring in culinary sense I’m sure you are fascinating in many other ways.)

And you can say “Bis Co0aaa tee” which makes you sound all European/Italian and then you can dip them in foodie beverages like espresso or a sweet dessert wine…. they are hipsterlishous and you know it.

Here is a really similar recipe if you are also feeling hipsterlishous today…and like aniseed:

very different sesame recipes

sesame shrimp toastsesame stick cookies Both made on the same day with only 1 similarity. Sesame seeds. On the left deep fried sesame shrimp toast. On the right sesame-almond butter cookies. Okay 2 things in common. They are both highfat recipes. Also kind of a geometry thing, triangles and rectangles.

And I am bad with pastry

I’ve made pie crusts with varying success. This one was quite a failure. I was smashing little pieces of pie dough into that pie plate. Luckily it was just a chess pie and the custard tasted just fine. The crust was actually edible. In the end I blame the #$%^#^#@$^#  vegetable shortening.

chess pie

I also find phyllo dough challenging. Again it was edible and full of soft melty dark chocolate goodness so why be picky about the beauty, of lack thereof the flaky edible package it arrives in.

chocolate filo triangles

Pebbly Beach Fruit (Peach) Squares…okay, not very square

I have a really hard time rolling dough out as a rectangle/square. I assume that I am not the only one that has this problem

I used cinnamon in the dough and the grocery store had some moist looking dried peaches so I used those. My brother thought they were made with rhubarb because the peaches weren’t very sweet. They were still tasty enough that people ate them.

As usual when I feed other people I forget to take a picture. I do have more peaches. Maybe I should make more cookies just to take a picture… nah let’s just sing  ‘millions of peaches, peaches for me, millions of peaches, peaches for free…”

yes. more boring cookies.

I think that I don’t like white chocolate but this is why you try things even if you don’t think you like them. Sometimes you are wrong. These cookies were delicious.

Of course I couldn’t find roasted, salted macadamia nuts so I had to buy raw which I roasted in the oven and salted myself. It made these cookies a little less boring.