hopeful aebleskivers


I have been a blogging slacker as my relationship and my gaining of relationship/knee injury weight has increased exponentially. Hopefully I will increase my blogging and decrease my TV watching and weight gain… hopefully it will be a lot of “cooking light” ….hopefully my knee is a little better so I will have to get off my butt (as I sit here blogging and drinking a beer).

Today I am blogging my joy in the of the acquisition of a new toy; an aebleskiver pan! I’m reclaiming roots that I didn’t even know I had.  I’m Danish on the paternal line so if my great-great grandmother made these, it was a lost tradition, because my great grandfather didn’t.

They are actually quite small like little jelly filled donut holes but the batter is more pancake like. You could call them  “round danish pancakes” I providentially had some lingonberry jam to fill them with!  I’ve only made one batch so far but there will be more, sweet and savory of all kinds!! Wahoo!