Trapped at home, phlegm-y, wheezy, coughing? Have you been wearing the same sweatpants for 48 hours and you’re wondering if you can take NyQuil during the day?  Me TOO!

This is what I did… I cleared out my cabinets. I made some oatmeal with shredded apple for breakfast. Used all the odds and ends I could find to make blueberry-coconut-cinnamon-pecan-hazelnut-muesli-granola.  There are also flax-seeds, rolled oats, rye flakes, quinoa flakes, and black forest honey…maybe more. The NyQuil-phlegm fog in my head is still pretty thick.

Finally muffins, which I made because I have a Rachael Ray recipe that calls for store-bought lemon poppy seed muffins and I do not “buy” muffins. I did have to bathe and leave the house to buy some buttermilk for those muffins this afternoon. They were kind of delicious…buttermilk-lemon combo is excellent.

Pepitas! I forgot there are also pepitas!

gratin is good grub

Lamb chops with mint, pecans, feta and parsley. Yum. Although my apartment did smell like lamb for days. It was Mireille’s cauliflower gratin I loved, though.

  1. simmer cauliflower in skim milk with a little salt until tender
  2. put in a buttered casserole
  3. mix 1/2 cup of the milk with 1 egg, beat it up a little and pour over the cauliflower
  4. sprinkle over 1/2 cup of shredded cheese (I used some very yummy Jarlsburg), some dots of butter and some salt and pepper
  5. I also added some panko and parm. the recipe calls for you to put it under the broiler. I put mine in the oven and let the cheese melt and brown.

So easy, so delicious…and there isn’t really that much butter or cheese so I don’t feel bad about the gratin part.

bright beautiful beets

I love the color of beets. I didn’t love the taste actually but I love the color. It doesn’t even look like food! It looks like paint.

Mireille calls it Cold Beet and Yogurt Summer Soup. I know it doesn’t look much like soup. Like I said not my favorite but it is easy and healthy:  you have to say that.

  1. boil, cool, peel, quarter 4 medium beets
  2. mix beet quarters with:
  • 2 cups of plain yogurt
  • 2 peeled and minced shallots
  • dash of ground cumin
  • salt and pepper
  1. Refrigerate 3-4 hours sprinkle with fresh dill.

poisson et lentilles

salmon lentls haricotsThis was an all French dinner.

Salade Tiede de Lentille (warm lentil salad) I had some French black lentils and this recipe just added a basic vinaigrette with shallots.

Saumon A L’Unilateral (salmon cooked on one side) I bought good salmon again. It is beautiful and so delicious this summer. I can’t stop eating it.  I did cheat and flipped it for a just minute at the end.

I just quick blanched some haricot verts as my veggies.

AND… I had the cherry clafoutis for dessert. But my lovely glass of cool rose was from Argentina.

savory flan

aparagus flanThis savory flan thing seems to throw people, they can’t get beyond that caramel dessert flan they serve in Spanish and Mexican restaurants. So when I say asparagus and bacon they tend to make a face.

It is just like quiche which is really just like fancy scrambled eggs, right? I only had skim milk and half&half, and one less egg yolk because I had a couple egg whites leftover from another recipe that I needed to use, so it was relatively healthy. I mean compared to whole milk, heavy cream and extra egg yolks. Also with flan there is no crust. I just cooked and chopped some asparagus and bacon and put them in a pie plate, mixed up the eggs, half&half  and milk with some herbs and salt and pepper, pour into the pie plate and baked. No grocery shopping required and baked eggs with bacon and asparagus is delicious.

I had a hard sell on that smoked salmon cheesecake I made last year too. It was really good…again cream cheese and smoked salmon combo, duh.

I get it some words trigger memories and ideas of  “sweet” immediately, so coupled with asparagus or salmon…   But really that makes a flan is the baked eggs or a cheesecake, the baked [cream] cheese, not the sugar.

My only trouble with this flan is that it was a little ‘watery’ or  ‘juicy’ in the bottom of the pie plate. I assume some of the liquid was from the eggs, some from the skim milk and some from the steamed asparagus.  But I just drained it off the plate and ate with a salad. Yummo

lentil gunge

Lentil soup with leeks and sausage, a lovely lunch for a cool fall day, and there are leftovers in the freezer for another day. Too bad I’m messy and there was gray-green lentil gunge on everything in my kitchen.

Okay, kind of boring and really not attractive… just good simple food.  I did use pretty little speckled green french lentils from the bulk bin at Whole Foods and smoked thuringer sausage from Gene’s Sausage Shop.

en papillotte

My first attempt at “en papillotte” (in a parchment envelope). I made Halibut en Papillotte. I did overcook it a little… but it was actually still good, so I will try again.  Also my new oven gets too hot.  I need to figure out how to adjust recipe temps for it. (almost 75 degrees lower, it seems)

The Mushroom Timbale was an internet recipe… just sauteed mushrooms and brown rice pressed into a ramekin (I don’t have a real timbale mold) but easy and tasty. Then I cooked up some apples with calvados and cinnamon for dessert. (not pictured)

I know it all sounds very fancy but for lunch today…frozen pizza.

**Halibut called for Champagne, I bought some affordable Cava.