shrimp in hell or brother devil shrimp

scampi fra diavolo  - I should stop Google translating but it is fun. I know that scampi fra diavolo in Italian cooking means  “brother devil” scampi which is supposed to mean that it is spicy. I will say that in this case I think “shrimp in hell” better conveys the message.  This recipe isn’t really spicy but it is very flavorful and garlic-tastic and really easy.

I think the extensive ingestion of garlic and crushed red pepper can lead to odd dreams. This meal triggered a reoccurring dream of mine where I am apparently pregnant and I keep forgetting, and someone has to remind me or point it out, usually because I am drinking. It is especially weird because I’m a lucid dreamer so I’m dreaming that I am pregnant but I know this is a dream and that I am not, and that I am dreaming about forgetting something that I didn’t know because it isn’t actually true, but in the dream it is, and I still feel guilty all the while knowing that I have nothing to feel guilty about. (sigh-shrug combo)  It is all a little traumatizing. Maybe I just shouldn’t eat scampi fra diavolo so close to bedtime.

According to a Huffington Post article, pregnancy dreams, especially for women, are about craving a creative project. How creative does it have to be to get rid of this dream? Does blogging and/or cooking count or does it have to be painting, creative writing, or crafts made of beads and macaroni?

soba soup and a messy life


I wish my life was just a bit tidier but this is probably an accurate representation of it.

The meal? Asian noodle soup with carrots, bok choy and tofu and buckwheat soba noodles and some broiled whitefish in sweet soy (kecap). I needed to use up some miso. So I made vegetable broth (which always feels like a waste of vegetables to me) and then made it into garlic broth with some roasted garlic and miso and then made the soup.

Remember: Don’t try to save leftover soba in broth because you end up with very thick gravy and buckwheat mush, the tofu also doesn’t hold up all that well either.

grilling cheese

This was my first attempt to grill cheese. Apparently this is special skill of this cheese called Halloumi, that it can be grilled.  It doesn’t just melt through the grill grate. It does get kind of spongy. Of course I didn’t leave it on there very long.

And the tomato relish was delicious, sweet, but delicious. I just don’t understand how you eat it on corn…. It was really good on a leftover hamburger the next day. (shrug)


pie  pie  pie  pie
pie  pie  pie  pie
pie  pie  pie  pie
pie  pie  pie  pie

It kind of worked actually… the crust was a little tough but recognizably pie crust and I would say as good as or better than any pre-made store-bought crust.

I had both peaches and blueberries purchased earlier in the week at the farmers market and I was eating them but there were still a lot of both. A common problem of mine, to get excited at all the beautiful bounty and purchase more than I will be able to consume… Anyway… when I made plans to have dinner with friends I decided to make peach pie, for the first time ever of course, and then when I looked up the recipe in Bittman he suggested an alternate of also adding a cup of blueberries! Which I also had! Kismet.

It was awful tasty, if I do say so myself, and I shared it for once so I only ate 3 pieces instead of all of it.

Fat = Flavor and Burnt Pecans

dinnerYou may have noticed that those rare times I cook with and/or for others I tend to forget to blog about it. All the human interaction, that I’m not really comfortable sharing, gets muddled up with the thoughts about cooking and recipes. I’ll try though…

Roast Pork with with Garlic and Rosemary: This was the Bittman recipe, easy and good.  I made the comment before dinner that fat tends to equal flavor and this boneless pork butt had plenty of both.

The next two recipes I got from Bon Appetit. The Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges are obvious and easy, I just roasted the potato wedges. The recipe included a Smoked Chile Cream, so it called for a chipotle peppers and sour cream. I just went for Tabasco Low-fat Greek Yogurt because that is what I had in the fridge.  I did probably use a bit too much Tabasco. It was pretty spicy.

And then the Sauteed Shredded Brussels Sprouts with Smoked Ham and Toasted Pecans, probably my favorite of the three recipes.  A whole bag of brussels sprouts makes a lot… I was glad I used the food processor and didn’t try to shred them all by hand.  I also famously burned the pecans while trying to toast them on the stove. I was trying to talk and doing other things at the same time.  I guess I should never work in a restaurant.  Nathan saved the day and toasted batch #2 to perfection. He also must be credited for the wonderfully artistic food styling for the photo!