very different sesame recipes

sesame shrimp toastsesame stick cookies Both made on the same day with only 1 similarity. Sesame seeds. On the left deep fried sesame shrimp toast. On the right sesame-almond butter cookies. Okay 2 things in common. They are both highfat recipes. Also kind of a geometry thing, triangles and rectangles.

I had to have that stalk of brussel spouts

grilled mahi-mahi with brussel sprouts carrotsSo I went to the store to buy tuna but bought mahi-mahi instead, I was going to buy spinach but then bought some arugula too and then I stopped at Trader Joes for fresh sage because WholeFoods didn’t have any and there was a whole stalk of brussel sprouts. I had to have it! Impulse grocery shopping.

When I go home I used the same marinade recipe and grilled the mahi mahi, just like I was going to do the tuna. I cleaned both the spinach and arugula and mixed them together and I found in Moosewood the suggestion to make the brussel sprouts with carrots.  I had some of those! Also to use a roasted garlic dressing and guess what… I had an extra head of garlic.

So my plans may never really go exactly right but it can still end up perfect if I embrace the detours.

nice, simple lunch, nothing special


I used brown jasmine rice because that is what I had. I made a couple omelets in the wok and cut them into squares, set aside. Stir-fried some minced garlic and sliced green onions then added some sliced mushrooms, then added some oyster sauce, a can of water chestnuts and the raw peeled shrimp. Finally added the cooked rice, watercress (I used baby arugula) and added back in the omelet squares.  Done.

It wasn’t the most flavorful so I have to admit it definitely needed soy sauce. So this was a kind of generic bargain basement cookbook and so far I’m not impressed although I haven’t made much from it yet.  Should I blame the fact that it was published in the UK?

Ugliest ravioli EVER

Ravioli is obviously not a skill I have mastered. I’ve decided not to include the pictures of it covered in the inky-purple red wine sauce I put on it. This is haddock ravioli and yet it called for red wine sauce…hmmmm. (Practical Cooking – Fish & Seafood) Now there was no recipe for the sauce so I found one online. Just shallots and wine and herbs, reduced down a bit….but perhaps the authors had some thing else in mind because this combo was really nasty! Isn’t there something about the combo of tannins and omega-3s that is bad? Anyway, the next day I regrouped, I steamed the leftover ravioli and just added a little melted butter, a little lemon juice, and some Parm and salt and pepper! Totally awesome!

Has anyone ever successfully put a red wine sauce on haddock or similar fish? If so can you tell me the secret? Especially what type of wine you used. Thx