I have been on vacation so this is a post about my vacation. I have included a picture of my meal at the the Panoramarestaurant Wallburg. Can you guess where this is? I totally loved the carrots because I had been eating nothing but pretzels and obatzter and drinking dunkel….yes, you guessed correctly, I was visiting friends in Bavaria.

Rinderroulade, hausfrauen art mit
karottengemuse und kartiffelpuree
herzogliches brauhaus Tegernsee

We spent a couple days in Salzburg, Austria also and I bought a few culinary items… Salt of course. It is “Salt-mountain” Also some Mozartkugel, the very chatty Tourist Infomation lady gave us the excellent tip to find the Furst shop for the homemade version of this ubiquitous Salzburg candy. I can buy the mass produced version 1 block from my apt here in Chicago. She also suggested that we buy the individual kugel because they charge too much for the bag. As you see…I didn’t listen. I guess I wanted the bag. I’m excited about my rose liquor. I probably missed the boat there though, because I did a bit more research on my way back and realized that I probably should have purchased some fruit schnaps in Munich instead…oh well, I bet I can get some of that here in Chicago also.

eating on vacation

So I was on vacation. Not a food shopping and cooking type vacation. A touristy, traveling around too much, and in London and Ireland, type vacation. Fun, but it doesn’t really have anything to do with my blog.  I actually find eating out really difficult especially when I have jet-lag and the “traditional” food is largely red meat, potatoes and bread. It did not inspire me to photograph or blog about any of it.

I’m sure there is really good food in London….in our hurried 4 day stay we didn’t find any…but I’m picky.  In Dublin we did have a delicious early dinner at a restaurant called ‘The Farm” the first night, and a lovely inexpensive lunch at a little French place right by Dublin Castle…I ate smoked salmon on both occasions. In Carlingford, Ireland I ate mostly the delicious local oysters on a the half shell with a little lemon…and a pint or 2 (Guinness of course).

Sidenote: 2 weeks straight of the free traditional English/Irish breakfast at your B&B is not a good thing. I was in heaven when they had some plain (even vanilla!) yogurt and some actual fresh fruit.

I realized I wanted a photo for my post and the one below is the best I could come up with that had any food type connection. We had picked up food from Marks & Spenser and were eating it picnic style on St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin…so was everyone else because of the beautiful weather.