salmon for me


Rob was being a vegetarian but I was on my own for dinner this particular Saturday night and therefore the single girl salmon sounded like the correct choice.

Recently I was told that I eat a lot of fish and I don’t think that is true. It is possible that I often blog about fish, which gives the impression that I eat more of it than I actually do. Besides, fish is delicious, healthy and easy to purchase and make in single-sized portions.


winter reading


Bon appetit fast easy fresh – Barbara Fairchild

Momofuku – David Chang and Peter Meehan

Heart of the artichoke and other kitchen journeys – David Tanis

The new book of middle eastern food – Claudia Roden

Japanese cooking a simple art – Shizuo Tsuji

Ad hoc at home – Thomas Keller

I’m a little too excited and I have been… kind of reading them all at once.

alone in the kitchen with a can of black beans and 3 cherry tomatoes

I have this book, Alone in the kitchen with an Eggplant. It is a book of essays about how it can be fun to eat alone. It is a good book and although not really a cookbook it does have some, sort of, recipes. One was black beans for one. I made some rice also and mixed them together and I although I still called it black beans (and rice) for one, there is far more than one person could eat by themselves. I mean who eats a whole can of black beans anyway?

Do you know what else I love to read that is food related…the journal Gastronomica I don’t have the Summer issue yet but it has articles with titles like “Charles Darwin, the Gourmet Traveler” and “Of Raspberries and Religion.” I can’t wait!

Can I Make Pate at Home? Do I Really Want To?

cookbookSo I have been reading this cookbook, Country Cooking of France, for many months now.  It is huge book and I do actually read the recipes, all of them.  Also it isn’t like I take it on the eL and read for an hour every morning, I read a few pages here and there.  But I have not made even one recipe. I haven’t ever really been tempted. I suppose because so many of the recipes seem to include liver or pigs feet. Also trussing things up in string and cheesecloth and simmering for hours and hours… It is all a little intimidating and let’s face it not always all that appetizing. At some point here I will have to try something. I suppose I should start with baked goods or a vegetable and hold off on the cassoulet or duck confit.

I love new cookbooks!!

cookbooksI can read and re-read cookbooks, these are my two new ones.

The Flavor Bible isn’t actually a cookbook, it is lists of flavors that go well together. Example: walnuts, endive, pears… duh, but brown butter, balsamic vinegar and fish…now that is interesting. It also has lots of great quotes and example dishes from well known chefs.   So much fun!!

The other is Rick Bayless’s Mexican Kitchen. I actually see Mr. Bayless pretty often here in Chicago, at the Green City Market or on the street, so I thought maybe it was time to add a little more Mexican cooking in my rotation. The warming weather probably also inspired the selection.

Saturday Mornings

cookbooksSaturday morning, while I sip my coffee and nibble my biscotti, I page through my cookbooks deciding what I will cook for the next week.  Today I seem to be feeling vegetarian because the Moosewood and the indian cookbooks are sounding the best to me. Do I want to go to Devon for mango powder or Uptown for tofu…..hmm… ok…now I just need to make a grocery list. (on my iphone of course)

Just an aside:  I keep thinking that I have had my digital camera for years (6 or 7 at least) and have barely ever used it.  In fact I think I have used it more in the past couple of weeks than all the years before combined!  It was an xmas present from Reg and it may have been under utilized for a few years but it is appreciated now. Thank you Reg!

food magazines

I am generally against magazines. They are full of ads, you never actually get around to reading them and then you aren’t really sure if they are actually recycled or live in all their glossy uselessness forever.

food magazinesBut they started sending me free copies of Martha Stewart Living the last few months (they used to send Glamour and that went straight in the bin).  I am not a Martha Stewart fan, in fact her practiced, TV anchorwoman monotone is kind of like nails on a chalkboard to me, but there are cooking articles in there that are pretty interesting,  also crafting – yuch!, and gardening – hello? I live in a studio apartment in Chicago, both of which I skip or skim.  That said I have read every cooking piece in them and they are starting to fill up the basket I keep them in the kitchen.

Then at christmas my father put a copy of bon appetit in my stocking. I am totally hooked. I see the new issue and I try to resist and then I buy it anyway!

Hopefully I will get sick of them soon or I am going to have to force myself to add an item to the manifesto about magazine purchase and purging.