we fried a chicken

Shall we discuss my fear of frying…and especially frying largish pieces of meat. I am terrified of a giant pot of super hot peanut oil. I panic about what to do with all that oil after I’m done. But Rob wanted fried chicken and I try to make him happy occasionally because he cheerfully eats a lot of food he is not very excited about and sometimes barely recognizes.

He also helped with the frying. He really fried the first batch and I did the second. We had the problem that I often have which is that the breading burns a little before the food is cooked through. I did like the addition of onions for flavor and it did go fairly well and tasted pretty good. I don’t think anyone is going to accuse me of making good fried chicken.

Basically I kind of hope I find myself near the Chalfonte Hotel Cape May, NJ someday so I can experience the real deal.

I put most of oil back in the oil bottles and put it in the fridge for another day…I guess I will need to fry something. Something that can be onion-y and chicken-y.

Tonight I’m back to my comfortable cooking… roasted vegetables on boiled pasta.


my version of cookies and ice cream

The way I like it. I like fruit and herbs in my ice cream and spices in my cookies and NO CANDY!! I’m sorry but what good is great ingredients when all you taste is candy.  I eat ice cream when I want ice cream. I eat cookies when you want cookies. I eat candy when I want candy. Okay full-disclosure: I almost never want candy. Why overrun all those lovely butter and cream flavors with the brash and overpowering flavor of candy while adding all those extra calories? You should enjoying them not just using them to deliver more candy into your mouth. Rant over.

Rob liked the cookies although he tends to be more like normal people and he would prefer some candy. He was not a big fan of the sherbet. He made a face.


flameless saganaki

musselsaganakiI’m pretty sure that Mussels Saganaki is a comic-strip villain. If not then he should be. I imagine a Dick Tracy style organized crime minion, of course this is a Greek recipe but I feel like the character would ironically be of both Greek and Japanese descent. (Is that the correct use of the word ironic? Maybe not, but you get what I mean. I digress.)

I believe that the Greek word saganaki is actually for the two handled frying pan, not specifically the flaming cheese served in many a pseudo-columned restaurant. I only had a two handled ceramic dish so that is what I used. The Greek word for cheese is something else; τυρί apparently. This recipe name would be μύδια σαγανάκι in Greek. I do love Google translate. Stopping. I’m stopping now. More rambling.

It was delicious and you get to eat it right off the mussel shell like a spoon, and although Rob tried one, he wasn’t hungry, nor was he a big fan, so I basically got to eat them all, myself. I blame the congestion in my head for my lack of focus.

((This recipe link might work but as always google it and find the best recipe for you))

grilling pizzas


A week of pizza. I made some pizza dough over the weekend, let it rise, punched it down and put it into the fridge to rise again slowly. Monday I took it out, broke into 4 sticky pieces stretched them out on the grill and cooked them.  Then I had 4 pre-made personal size flat bread pizza crusts. score!

Day 1 – I top with slices of manchego and pears and some chopped walnuts per the Bon Appetit recipe and cook in the grill.

Day 2 – repeat of day 1 but in the oven

Day 3 – I forget… stuff I found in my fridge

Day 4 – sauteed beet greens, feta and sun-dried tomatoes

It was awesome! These were all vegetarian but the possibilities are endless and I can use stuff I already have. No shopping required. Grilled pizza is great to have in my cooking toolbox especially in the summer when I don’t want to turn on the oven or when I have leftover beet greens I need to use. You would think I would be sick of it but I’m totally not! Maybe next time I will make a double batch of dough.

apricots and cooking vacations

apricotgaletteI make a lot of fruit desserts. I make a lot of rustic galettes (so much easier than real pie).  The apricots were from MI and they were pretty tart which I like; Rob…not so much, so I ate all of this myself.

Based on reading other blogs and cookbooks I think the apricots you may get at say a CA farmer’s market might be very sweet and fabulous. It sounds like fun.

Sometimes you just want to move somewhere new for awhile just for different local food! I have no real interest in living on the west coast except for food. Pacific seafood and CA produce and local wineries… (wistful..sigh) Southern France, Thailand, Japan. l think I need a vacation. A cooking vacation. Are there cooking vacations?

gravy-smothered summertime


Meatloaf and green beans would have been a favorite meal of mine as a child. Let’s be honest it still is.  This recipe does not quite measure up to my childhood comfort food, “Perfect Meatloaf” recipe from the Calumet County (WI) Cookbook, but it was a nice change of pace and I enjoyed this novel idea (to me) of gravy on meatloaf.

Now….I don’t usually eat gravy in August but it was paired with the bean recipe in the cookbook and I had fresh beans from the farmer’s market and pecans left over from making zucchini bread. I had seconds of the lovely beans and they are mostly gone but I’m hoping Rob will help me finish off the meatloaf patties and gravy cause right now I feel like there is a whole lot of leftovers of that.

I found what seems to be an actual rewrite of Ms. Ray’s meatloaf patties recipe. This recipe I found for maple pecan-glazed beans is definitely different but the flavors are exactly the same.

food words

zuchinibreadI chose to use my box grater rather than my food processor. Lately it seems like the grating disc kind of purees my veggies instead of grating them, which goes badly in the end product. I feel like the little added effort of some manual labor paid off. But I love zucchini bread with cinnamon and pecans! I think you will too.

Now some people don’t like zucchini. He They say it is a texture thing. So s/he didn’t like this zucchini bread. (I don’t want to name any names.)


Little children who scorn all vegetables love zucchini bread. It tastes nothing like zucchini. It does not have the texture of zucchini. If I had called it cinnamon-pecan bread (because it has both cinnamon and pecans in it) they would probably love it.

But I suppose word associations are powerful things. McDonald’s salads may be delicious and nutritious but they have the word “McDonald’s” attached so I won’t be eating any of them if I can help it. So..well….NAH it’s different.