Leftover Packer Party Food


Green and Gold! See it? That was totally unplanned.

As I have mentioned before cooking for other people stresses me out so I tried to go for easy and good football food like things.

Ribs sounded like good football party food and I knew I could get good ones at the meat market down the street and I had the uber-easy Virginia Willis Coca-Cola-Glazed Baby Back Ribs recipe…make glaze, bake, glaze once in awhile.  This was my first attempt to make ribs. It went pretty well. They were kind of delicious. I didn’t find scotch bonnets so I used 2 habaneros. Use them both! The glaze is so sweet it can handle it and doesn’t have any burn, promise.  I did have to make a special trip to buy the Coca-Cola because I just felt that using Organic ‘Cola’ with pure cane sugar would be cheating and Whole Foods does not have organic all natural Coca Cola… really Coke? Get with the program.

The cornbread recipe was kind of disaster though and I didn’t notice till I was pretty far in and then had improvise how to fix it. 4 cups of flour with only 1 cups of buttermilk and 2 eggs is just not going to work. I added another cup of buttermilk. I thought it was edible. A little dry yet, but I melted butter onto it when I reheated it, and melted on some extra cheese. Everything is better with extra cheese.