hearty bolognese and sunny flowers for another dreary February night

pasta dinner for 2I WISH IT WOULD JUST STOP SNOWING! okay…I’m done now. I feel better. I can make it through March.

I bought the yellow flowers because I seem to believe that all flowers should be yellow… and they make me happy. I carry them from room to room with me like Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail.  These are actually all droopy now (sniff)……maybe I will need a continuous supply of yellow flowers to get me through March.

So, this was an enormous bowl of pasta, way more than needed for the two of us, probably enough food for a small army. There were lots of leftovers for Nathan to take home and for me to take to work for lunch.  It wasn’t anything challenging or unique, just pasta with meat sauce, ricotta and fresh basil, but very satisfying on a winter’s evening with a bitter green salad and an amber beer or a glass of zinfandel…or both.

There was also a very big salad bowl which ends up being my version of fast food for the week. This time I just did arugula, radicchio and frisse, with a few thin slices of red onion. Then I just change the toppings for variety: different vinegars, oils, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, herbs, cheese, veggies, meat, etc.  Lettuce that I buy in a bunch/head, clean, salad-spin and put in a bowl myself seems to stay fresh longer than as those slightly funky bags o’ E. coli. I put a clean paper towel on top in the lettuce bowl in the fridge to absorb moisture. This also seems to help keep it from getting mushy immediately. Of course sometimes I am lazy and brave and buy the bags of E. coli.