ofactory impulse buys

little rosemary tree on my window sillMy impulse buys yesterday were all caused by olfactory stimulus.  I first found the little rosemary tree.  At least a dozen people mentioned how beautiful it was before I even left the store, but I bet every comment was caused by the heavenly waft of rosemary scent that covered them as I walked by. I know that I couldn’t resist. I hope I can keep it alive over the winter.
concord grapesThe second…concord grapes from Michigan. I caught the scent way before I saw them on the shelf and knew I had to have them. Yes they have tough tart skins and they have seeds; but they also smell and taste like fabulous grape-y goodness. Not like the usual grapes  you get at the grocery store that smell and taste like nothing.  I’m excited every time I walk into the kitchen… the rosemary, mint, concord grapes… the muffins I baked this morning…it smells fabulous in my kitchen today!