my version of cookies and ice cream

The way I like it. I like fruit and herbs in my ice cream and spices in my cookies and NO CANDY!! I’m sorry but what good is great ingredients when all you taste is candy.  I eat ice cream when I want ice cream. I eat cookies when you want cookies. I eat candy when I want candy. Okay full-disclosure: I almost never want candy. Why overrun all those lovely butter and cream flavors with the brash and overpowering flavor of candy while adding all those extra calories? You should enjoying them not just using them to deliver more candy into your mouth. Rant over.

Rob liked the cookies although he tends to be more like normal people and he would prefer some candy. He was not a big fan of the sherbet. He made a face.


vanilla ice cream and xmas presents in action part 4

The ice cream is just vanilla but Alton does call for a little peach jam to be added…something about making it thicker?…I didn’t get it but it inspired me to buy some frozen peach slices. The ice cream was delicious with real vanilla bean goodness, but the peaches tasted like exactly nothing. I guess it didn’t distract from the vanilla flavor then and they look pretty with my Anthropology measuring cup, that I’m sure is totally not accurate for measuring, but pretty. I use them for mise en place bowls or occasionally for eating ice cream.

I also considering buying a pear just so I could pare a pear with the pair of paring knives I got for xmas. Ha! (I’m sorry you had to suffer through that but I just couldn’t stop myself.)

I am greatly enjoying these knives.  I have a nice chef’s knife but I only had some old weird serrated paring knives that I probably bought from the grocery store after I moved into a new apartment and realized that all the knives had belonged to the previous roommate. And these are even pretty. And they are the only knives I have that have fancy plastic protective sleeves.  And maybe I need protective sleeves for my hands because I threw one it in the dishpan and forgot and managed to grab it underwater and stab myself pretty good. And…bloody dishwater. And….yuch.

sweet corn ice cream

sweet corn ice creamPeople are unsure of this when they hear about it but I’m telling you it was de-lish. John Ash really does such a great job in this book of coming up with flavors that are just a little outside the norm yet still accessible and delicious. Love it! Corn is sweet and then you add some vanilla and cream and honey…pure summer straight from from your freezer.

If you try this recipe, I will tell you that I left out the optional Serrano pepper.  I suppose I should try it someday but I felt it might be a little overpowering to the mildness of the sweet corn flavor.

The almond lace fan cooks are also good and are easy but so greasy! That page is hidden in the link above so here is my version with comments.

Almond Lace Fans (John Ash)

1 stick of butter (yes a whole stick, 1/2 cup)
1 tablespoon of flour (yes only 1 tablespoon)
3/4 cup of ground almonds (I used whole skin on raw almonds and ground them up in my food processor)
1/2 cup of sugar
2 tablespoons of milk
1 teaspoon of grated orange zest (you need the fresh grated orange zest!)

1. preheat over to 325 degrees (that is Fahrenheit…or as in my case where my apt oven if off by 100 degrees I set it to 225 degrees and watch my oven thermometer carefully)

2. butter and flour a couple of baking sheets (btw heavy duty 1/2 sheet pans like they use in restaurants really do seem to be much better than the cookie sheets you can buy at target)

3. put all the ingredients in a saute pan over low heat and stir (wooden spoon is always best for your pans, your food and your health) until butter melts and it is mixed.

4. remove from heat and place heaping teaspoons of batter on sheets (far apart – like 5 inches – they get very flat and thin)

5. bake for 8 to 10 minutes (golden brown and not yet burning)

6. I left most of mine flat but they are pliable when they first come of the oven you can shape if you want.

new ice cream maker

umm… it was not very healthy but decadently delicious, see recipe

I bought the kitchen aid attachment ice cream maker online. I had it shipped to work and had to carry it home in the rain. It was a little hard to hold both the box and my umbrella. Luckily it was totally worth it and I have lots of room in my freezer for the big freezer bowl so I can leave it there to make ice cream at will.

This was my first attempt at homemade ice cream and how could I go wrong with booze and marscapone cheese.  Does this count as another frozen dessert made with fruit? There is lemon zest and juice, and of course the limoncello is booze but it is lemon flavored. What flavor should I make next?