look Amber the dough actually rose!

pizza doughturkish pizza before baking

So last weekend I had grand plans to make a “Turkish pizza” recipe for the football game. Go Packers!  I made the filling at home and was set to make the dough at Amber’s house because I though Kiran, who is 5, may have fun making the little boat shaped pizza’s with me. Now,  I used the recipe in Best-Ever 500 recipes and I should know by now that there are some great flavor combos in there and fun exotic stuff, but for technique or skill type recipes they tend to fall flat. For example their directions for making mayo…complete fail. But I always try their recipe first…sucker.   Basically I made a giant mess and an eternally flat rubbery disk of dough.  After a few futile hours I just threw it away. Luckily we had plenty of other food.

At home the next day I used John Ash’s recipe for pizza dough which of course was much better! Then, and probably most importantly, I checked the temp of the water I put the yeast in… apparently I was using water that was way to hot…rats!  Also I used my much loved new mixer to mix/knead (super easy!) and guess what…success!!!  It rose!  I was very excited and I made myself some little Turkish pizzas for dinner.

turkish pizza baked

Figs on pizza

I was lazy last weekend, I bought a bag of whole wheat pizza dough from trader joe’s and made this sausage, fig and goat cheese pizzas (Bon Appetit – August) I cooked the crust on my grill pan and then added the toppings. The dressing called for pomegranate molasses which I already had (yeah!) and the fresh figs I got at whole foods were ripe and seriously delicious. Fast and delicious dinner.