I have been on vacation so this is a post about my vacation. I have included a picture of my meal at the the Panoramarestaurant Wallburg. Can you guess where this is? I totally loved the carrots because I had been eating nothing but pretzels and obatzter and drinking dunkel….yes, you guessed correctly, I was visiting friends in Bavaria.

Rinderroulade, hausfrauen art mit
karottengemuse und kartiffelpuree
herzogliches brauhaus Tegernsee

We spent a couple days in Salzburg, Austria also and I bought a few culinary items… Salt of course. It is “Salt-mountain” Also some Mozartkugel, the very chatty Tourist Infomation lady gave us the excellent tip to find the Furst shop for the homemade version of this ubiquitous Salzburg candy. I can buy the mass produced version 1 block from my apt here in Chicago. She also suggested that we buy the individual kugel because they charge too much for the bag. As you see…I didn’t listen. I guess I wanted the bag. I’m excited about my rose liquor. I probably missed the boat there though, because I did a bit more research on my way back and realized that I probably should have purchased some fruit schnaps in Munich instead…oh well, I bet I can get some of that here in Chicago also.

ofactory impulse buys

little rosemary tree on my window sillMy impulse buys yesterday were all caused by olfactory stimulus.  I first found the little rosemary tree.  At least a dozen people mentioned how beautiful it was before I even left the store, but I bet every comment was caused by the heavenly waft of rosemary scent that covered them as I walked by. I know that I couldn’t resist. I hope I can keep it alive over the winter.
concord grapesThe second…concord grapes from Michigan. I caught the scent way before I saw them on the shelf and knew I had to have them. Yes they have tough tart skins and they have seeds; but they also smell and taste like fabulous grape-y goodness. Not like the usual grapes  you get at the grocery store that smell and taste like nothing.  I’m excited every time I walk into the kitchen… the rosemary, mint, concord grapes… the muffins I baked this morning…it smells fabulous in my kitchen today!