Okay maybe there is a 15oz can out there somewhere, but I can never find one in Chicago. I always have to buy the 28oz and then I either just add it all over hominy my soup OR I put it half in the fridge and eventually give up on finding something to do with them and throw them out.

I used adzuki beans in mine, which is odd I know, but that is what I had. I used a poblano chili because I wasn’t looking for anything too spicy but obviously you could pick a spicier chili if you so desire. (link to a copy of the recipe)

It was tasty and easy to make and vegetarian…and I super-love this filter that makes my picture look a bit like an ancient fresco.

pretty seafood ravioli


I was just discussing this meal with my brother and how making ravioli just seems like a lot of wasted energy… Now this ravioli is much prettier than previous attempts because 1) I use wonton wrappers instead of homemade pasta 2) Rob helped me to assemble them 3) they glow. – that is a of course just a dumb photo effect –

Boring broth, that was not really very gingery, but delicious ravioli;  just a combo of scallops, shrimp and whitefish with a little egg white to bind together.  I fried the leftovers for really great pot-stickers.


Classic Indian cooking weekend


Okay, the Lamb Rogan Josh recipe was from 499 Simply Delicious Recipes not from Julie Sahni.

And I don’t really understand “lentil broth” but the Mysore Rasam (Mysore Spicy Lentil Broth) was reasonably tasty. I do have the actual lentil puree in my freezer to be used later so at least nothing was wasted.

I made cheese, Paneer, for first time. I don’t think I did a good job of pressing it because it was an odd shape and crumbled a bit when I cut it, but it wasn’t a disaster and it was relatively easy.

Which then went into the Shahi Sabz Korma (Royal Braised Vegetables in Cardamom Nut Sauce) with some carrots, turnips, potatoes and ground almonds. And yes that then went into Shahi Sabz Biriyani (Royal Vegetable and Rice Casserole).

That cured the cooking bug. The next few days were leftovers, fine dining, and takeout!

soba soup and a messy life


I wish my life was just a bit tidier but this is probably an accurate representation of it.

The meal? Asian noodle soup with carrots, bok choy and tofu and buckwheat soba noodles and some broiled whitefish in sweet soy (kecap). I needed to use up some miso. So I made vegetable broth (which always feels like a waste of vegetables to me) and then made it into garlic broth with some roasted garlic and miso and then made the soup.

Remember: Don’t try to save leftover soba in broth because you end up with very thick gravy and buckwheat mush, the tofu also doesn’t hold up all that well either.

last chance to eat al fresco

cauliflower soup with arm and truffle oil

In an attempt to grasp the final slanting rays of evening sunlight, I imagined rushing home, warming up a bowl of this soup, and curling up on the porch under a cozy afghan to eat it quickly before it got too dark. Of course by the time I got home from work it was always dark already.

Cauliflower soup with pecorino romano and truffle oil…and bacon, yes, it has bacon so not vegetarian cauliflower soup but delicious cauliflower soup! I did not have a cube of pecorino romano but I did have a frozen Parmigiano rind so I used that. And of course homemade stock, really if you are going to make soup it is worth it to simmer some chicken parts every few months and have a supply of stock in your freezer. Salty bacon, the earthy Parm and truffle oil… perfect autumn soup.

cioppino the San Fransico treat

I have to admit that I absolutely assumed that cioppino was Italian…until I Google-d it this evening and saw that it hails from San Francisco.  Well…I learn something everyday.

I’m still nursing this #$%^ cold so “easy” and “soup” are big bonuses on my recipe selection list right now. Also I’m craving seafood after the Bavarian vay-cay diet.

So this is what my 1/2 batch of Rachael’s Everyday Cioppino ended up like:

  • olive oil, some red pepper flakes, half a can of anchovies, a bay leaf, 3 cloves of garlic minced in a pot over medium heat
  • After the anchovies started to melt a little I added 1 stalk of celery chopped, and 1/2 an onion chopped.
  • Once the veggies were a little soft I splashed in a little white wine (1/2 cup-ish of organic Torrontes from Argentina)
  • After about a minute I added the stock, mine was about 10 oz of chicken stock from a carton and 4 oz  fish stock from frozen concentrate (I freeze it in ice cube trays so I can pull a few cubes out when I want them)  also 4 sprigs of fresh thyme, a good handful of chopped flat leaf parsley and a 14 oz can of fire-roasted crushed tomatoes
  • After that came to a bubble I lowered the heat a bit (med-low) and added my fish (good sized chucks of cod – I seasoned them with smoked salt flakes and fresh ground pepper)
  • After about 5 minutes I added 1/2 dozen mussels and shrimp and a good handful of little scallops.
  • Then I covered it and cooked it for a another 5-10ish minutes then pulled out the now naked thyme stems. done.

My shrimp were a little overcooked….I could have added them for the very last next couple of minutes.

Now. What am I going to do with the second half of that can of anchovies?