gravy-smothered summertime


Meatloaf and green beans would have been a favorite meal of mine as a child. Let’s be honest it still is.  This recipe does not quite measure up to my childhood comfort food, “Perfect Meatloaf” recipe from the Calumet County (WI) Cookbook, but it was a nice change of pace and I enjoyed this novel idea (to me) of gravy on meatloaf.

Now….I don’t usually eat gravy in August but it was paired with the bean recipe in the cookbook and I had fresh beans from the farmer’s market and pecans left over from making zucchini bread. I had seconds of the lovely beans and they are mostly gone but I’m hoping Rob will help me finish off the meatloaf patties and gravy cause right now I feel like there is a whole lot of leftovers of that.

I found what seems to be an actual rewrite of Ms. Ray’s meatloaf patties recipe. This recipe I found for maple pecan-glazed beans is definitely different but the flavors are exactly the same.

eat more radishes


I feel like radishes are very under appreciated. I have kind of been in love with radishes lately. If you have some extras in the crisper drawer…try roasting them. Spicy!

The asparagus recipe called for steamed asparagus but I had the grill going for the steak and portobellos, so I grilled it. Next time I won’t mix the asparagus into the risotto. It tastes good together but it just gets mushy. I think risotto with a side of asparagus would be perfect….unless you are trying to hide it from someone.